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Let's Chat!

Let's Chat!

I want to know about your family, and what your vision for your session is! I LOVE being creative! So lets have fun! 

Most sessions last 1-2 hours, most of the time it is closer to the hour, but sometimes little ones need some time to warm up! It’s ok! I am very patient! 

Newborn sessions last 3-4 hours, you can’t rush a newborn. If baby is hungry, baby is hungry! I do come to you for newborns! It is so much easier on baby and mom. Every birth is different so, we will chat more in-depth when we book your session. 

Session location is completely up to you! I am always up for finding new locations! Yes i can recommend locations to help you out if you are stumped! 

Full, well rested kids are the happiest! PLEASE do not wait to feed your children until after the session! 

If your child(ren) has a favorite toy, blanket, stuffy, bring it! Comfort items always come in handy! 

Session fee is due in full by the day of your session

All prints are able to be purchased directly through your viewing gallery. Prints are processed by a professional photo lab and shipped directly to your home. I always stress to my clients, if you are investing in professional pictures, to PLEASE invest in professional prints! You would’t have your teeth whitened and never smile would you? The quality of a print makes a HUGE difference! If you are going to invest in professional pictures, please invest in professional prints.

After your session your images are uploaded to an online preview gallery within 7-10 business days.There you can view your gallery and order at your convenience. You can also share this gallery with friends and family to place orders separately! Each session includes digital downloads of your entire gallery. (mini sessions vary) Images are for personal use only and are not to be used for commercial purposes without photographers consent.

What if it rains? Rain happens, mother nature is unpredictable. I keep an eye on the weather and if we need to reschedule we will do so with a time that works for everyone!